Social wellness programs & Corporate Events for your workers

  • Corporate Events

    Staff parties with unique experiences for your employees!

    Games Night

    Board Games is been popular getting people from various departments to get together and have fun.


    Taste the special selection of beers, wines, wiskeys listening to the exciting sroties of production filled in with more content.

    Quiz Night

    Everyone likes to get lucky! Engaging, exciting, fun questions for teams or individual players. Customized for your company!

    Social & Sporty

    Football, voleyball, floorball (sähly), squash, badminton, dance or yoga class: all kinds of games are at your service with coaches or hosts!

  • How It Works

    Corporate (staff) events


    Contact us

    Just say hi and we take care of the rest!


    Creative Meeting

    After we found out all the details, we meet with you to present scenarios & brainstorm 



    We take care of all the organizing, hosting as well as happiness of your staff

  • Community Building Platform

    2 components:

    Offline community with amazing hosts & experience

    High-tech platform that motivates people arrange games and meet offline

  • Features of the high-tech solution

    Discover meeting time 

    Display free-time slots

    Meeting offline now many times easier!

    You can offer a meeting when see that person is available

    Play with the same level

    Target your skills

    To make games more fun and useful, you can find group that suits exactly your skill level and purposes

  • Core Team

    Faces behind 18 000 people community

    Paul James

    CEO of FUN

    Paul James is the CEO of Jolly Dragon. Has over 20+ years of experience building sport communities.


    Community Manager

    Anh is expat from Mexico living in Finland. amazing personality adored by other people around.

    Anna JD

    Community Builder

    Anna knows how to get people involved into sports and what benefits they can get out of it!


    Lead Developer

    A true Unicorn in our team. Pavel understands that tech alone cant get people offline. His mission is that you use our tech for less than 1 minute per play time.

  • We are in Media

    Take a look and enjoy!

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    Helsingin Sanomat 

    All media

  • The whole program has these core features:

    •  Increases Staff Activity & Wellness
    •  Networking regardless of geography, silos, hierarchy or title = cross polination of ideas and best practice
    •  Fantastic in times of change to keep staff engaged in positive activities
    •  Less sick days - can have a big domino effect on teams
    •  High ROI branding at events and venues outside of normal brand visibility - even media coverage: jollydragon.net/inthemedia
    •  Talent Atrraction & Retention

  • United Kingdom spends 3 billion euro annually for employees sick leaves. Researchers say it is vital office workers get 1 hour of exercise a day if employer wants to reduce a risk of sick-day leaves. Check out Lancet report.